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We at LSF are focused on getting as much as possible out of kids in freestyle snowboarding and skiing. If you pay for this team you are hiring the best in Duluth for producing freestyle athletes. Often that will include competitions. Not only that we have an insane amount of fun.  Everything is so great on this team, because we are passionate about the sport. We encourage kids to be passionate about the sport! 


We are not like most coaching programs out there we operate on trust, friendship, and relationship building. We want to know everything we can about every kid so we can provide them with the best experience. We try to live life through the boots of our athletes and understand them. We focus on applying all the different learning styles to every athlete and see what works best with each. We try to build trust through the application of communication and care. We care for kid’s safety. We care for their physiological integrity. We care about their bag of tricks.  We care about their style and their understanding of this sport. We care about every aspect of their lives. That’s what builds trust. 


Our vision then is to make sure everyone of our athletes feels comfortable in a dangerous sport. That they feel that they are operating at their best achievable potential. That they feel they can trust their coaches with anything riding or not. That they feel like they are a part of a family of people that care about the same things as them. We are a team in an individual sport and every athlete on this team is surrounded by people that have the same passion and dedication. WE WANT TO RIDE WITH OUR TEAM AND RIDE WELL!

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